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Modular wardrobes have gained immense popularity in modern times due to its high utility and convenience it brings with it. Basically modular wardrobes are segmented units which are made to order; customized and then assembled to fit to customer’s need. Our bedrooms usually have two main furniture, bed and wardrobe. But before you decide to get your modular wardrobe installed in your bedroom, there are a few essential things you should know about it. Today we are here to enlighten about the humble wardrobe which no longer is just a piece of furniture of your bedroom. In fact it has become a piece of décor.

The first of your choices is the traditional hinged wardrobe. Hinged doors are ideal for larger rooms, as they allow maximum access to your wardrobe. Our hinged doors are available in a range MDF, Plywood & Particle Boards with variants of laminate & Acrylic fascia, they can also be customised to include glass or mirror infills. This allows you to select what best matches your interior décor – Modular has a solution for you.


To rationalize narrow spaces, we propose numerous sliding doors solutions for  wardrobe. Wardrobes with sliding doors represents a personal high-end design project.There are also multiple possibilities to customise the interiors.

Having a walk in wardrobe to show off your well-earned collection of shoes and clothing is no longer a dream because you can make your dreams COME TRUE. Having a spare room for a walk in wardrobe is not necessary, even a spare corner of your bedroom can perfectly serve the purpose and at a price tag that will in fact make you think you’re still dreaming.

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